Herbal Facial Steam or Bath Tea

Herbal Facial Steam or Bath Tea

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Botanical Facial Steam made with Lavender, Rose, and Chamomile.

To use as a facial steam- Add boiling water to a heat resistant bowl and add herbs. Position face comfortably above the steam and drape a towel over your head.
Breathe deeply and relax.
Steam face for approximately 8 minutes. Please lift your face if it gets too hot.
After steam bath, rinse with cold water, pat dry, apply toner to close pores and apply moisturizer.

What is inside-
Lavender is anti-bacterial, antiseptic, skin-soothing
Rose petals are antioxidant, nourishing, lightly astringent, balancing, and rejuvenating
Chamomile flowers are soothing, calming, anti-inflammatory

25 mL (approximately 3.5 oz) glass test tube with cork stopper. 20×100mm

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