Acts Of Kindness Advent Calendar

Acts Of Kindness Advent Calendar

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This exquisite Acts Of Kindness Advent Calendar is crafted from birch wood and engraved with 25 activities that can be enjoyed alone or with your family!


Included Acts Of Kindness

1. Draw a picture for someone
2. Make someone laugh
3. Leave a small gift for your mail carrier
4. Do a chore for someone else
5. Give someone a compliment
6. Mail a handmade Christmas card
7. Donate toys to charity
8. Share something with someone else
9. Hug someone
10. Help clean up after dinner
11. Name 5 things you like about yourself
12. Help clean the house
13. Donate pantry items
14. Say hello to a stranger
15. Make a bird feeder
16. Donate blankets to an animal shelter
17. Pick a Christmas movie to watch with the whole family
18. Name 10 things you're thankful for
19. Make paper snowflakes to decorate
20. Write a festive message on the sidewalk with chalk
21. Bake cookies for a fri

10.6"L x 8.6"W x 0.25"H

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